Why Express Gratitude And How To Do It ?

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There are times in life when everything is falling apart. You feel bad, you can’t escape dark thoughts and you keep dwelling on what happened, while feeling that life is unfair. Nothing is right.

For ages, people around the world have been practicing a simple habit whitch brings them comfort and peace. More recently, quantum physics tells us that what we send to the universe comes back in return. It means that if you send positive vibes, they are going to come back positive, but in the same way if you send negative vibes, guess what’s going to come back. What do you choose ? Depending on what you believe, call it Thanksgiving, for the English-speaking believers, Action de grâce for the French ones, or Gratitude for the rest of the people. Regardless of which term you prefer, the idea is very simple. All you have to do is focus on the positive things in your life ; it even goes as far as taking the negative situations in life and finding what good can come from them.

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Why express gratitude ?

Every opportunity in life can be seized to take time to thank God, life, the people around us, for the good but also for the less good things that happen to us. Many reasons for that, but mostly because it allows us to look back and see what has been accomplished, where we come from. By focussing on what is working rather than what is wrong, ou mind becomes calm and we feel in communion with life. What’s more, gratitude is a super self-confidence booster. Indeed, I can acknowledge my qualities, even my smallest achievements (« I managed to go to the grocery store by myself today » ; « I smiled at this girl / boy today« , etc.). Gratitude is an investment for the future because by concentrating on what is going well, I recharge my energy and I feel capable and ready to do more things, confident in the fact that, no matter what, if it’s positive, I’ll be able to enjoy it fully, and if it’s negative, I’ll be able to look for the good side. Because to like what we have is the most valuable thing we possess.

How do I express gratitude?

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You can dedicate a special time in order to express your gratitude, by the way if you feel blue, going out is actually a good option. Get out and go to a place where you feel calm, inspired. It can be a Church, a temple, the sea side, by a river, a wood, any place where you feel safe and that inspires you beauty and serenity. Otherwise, it can be anywhere. Me, for example, I give thanks all the time, it allows me to pause during the day, I just stop what I was doing and say « thank you Lord » and then I resume what I was doing. If I’m around people that I love, having a good time, I tell them « I am very happy to share this moment with you« , then we continue what we were doing. Sunday at Church is a great time to give thanks. During the service, the priest presents the offerings and invites the believers to secretely bring their joys and pains in order to seek the strength to go on. I don’t know the habits of the other religions, but I’m sure each of them has moments when the people can benefit from the blessings of the assembly and of the common prayers by bringing the fruits of their faith to the altar. The Morning or bedtime is also a good time for the expression of gratitude.

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Whatever the moment and the place that you choose, take time to pause, to breathe calmly through the nose. You can close your eyes if that helps. You are going to strive (in the biginning) to pick all the little as well as the big reasons why your life is Worth living. You are in good health ? Give thanks.
You are ill but you live in a country where you can be cured ? Give thanks to your body for its capacity to heal itself and to make the most out of the medication you are taking.
You are going through hard times and you are forced to stop and reconsider your life choices ? Give thanks for this experience and ask yourself how you can let this challenge transform your life in a good way.

Your neigbours smile at you and greet you when you meet ? Give thanks (directly or in your heart) for the good relationships you have.
Your friends, family or colleagues show you consideration ? Thank them and treat them alike. If they Don’t, maybe it’s time for you to change your job, your circle or friends, or to keep the distance with some family members. In any case, thank yourself for your ability to surround yourself with the people who do you good and make you grow.
I chose difficult situations on purpose because that is when it’s not easy to be grateful. But of course, life is full of opportunities to rejoyce. The Sunshine, the air that we breathe, the technological progress, the access to worldwide knowledge almost for free, you know better.

Open your eyes, you’ll see that you life is filled with reasons to give thanks, to be grateful.
What about you ? What are you grateful for ?
Tell us in the comment section.

Let’s takes care of ourselves.

See you around !

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  1. I’m grateful for reminders like this one, daily provisions and good health.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Sadje dit :

    I have nominated you for the sunshine bloggers award. Please check my post. Thanks

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. Sadje dit :

    I have nominated you for the sunshine bloggers award. Please check my post. 😊

    Aimé par 1 personne

  4. Very true, for me, I pray when I want to thank God, not when I’m in trouble.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Monaminga dit :

      I like your approach. I think that is a more powerful prayer. So many people only pray when they are feeling challenged and they do it as a way of proving God wrong, then they say « there’s no God, he doesn’t answer when I pray ». Well, try gratitude 😉

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. Exactly Monaminga. I got it pretty good overall, don’t wanna get needy on top of everything else he’s done for me.

        Aimé par 1 personne

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