About The Blog

Congrats you’ve reached Monaminga !

My name is Magalie.

Why Monaminga ? It means « Young lady » in bulu, my mother tongue from the South of Cameroon. I wanted a name which no one else would have, and also because my mother would call me like that sometimes in childhood, it was loving.

In life, I’m interested by a lot of things, but what inspires me the most is to discover and explore different ways to live a simple, harmonious, balanced and dare I say Happy life.

I’ve Always been aware that my life is made of several sides, which is why I vow Everyday to nourrish the different aspects of my personnality. In the same manner that I feed my body with food, care and exercice to help it function the best it can, I also feed my soul and spirit with elements which make me grow and prosper.

You will not find advice on how to do your make up, have a silky skin, tidy nails, or the best way to achieve notoriety on the Web, if that’s your quest, I can’t help you. However, if you too live a simple life, or if you aspire to make your life more simple, then you might find a few tips on how to do it, and realise the benefits of doing so.

Welcome and enjoy your reading !